Summer Essentials from Van-X

Summer Essentials from Van-X

The summer holidays are finally here, it's time to hit the road and enjoy your camper. But before you go, here are a few #partsfromvanx that we think could make your trips that much more comfortable...


We been making and selling our black out curtains for many years now and they are a firm favourite with the self builder and the choice for many professional companies up and down the country. We make curtains for a wide variety of vans and have fabric in a range of different colours. Keep your van cooler and keep the light out in the morning with these very popular curtains.

Get your curtains on the links below: VOLKSWAGEN - T3 - T4 - T5 / T5.1 - T6 - T6.1 - Caddy - Crafter - NEW Crafter


After the frustration of having our factory cup holders breaking we got to work on developing a stronger version of the original cup holder. There is no surprise these have been a very popular product within the T5 owners club for a long time now. Our upgraded cup holders are a direct replacement and take no time at all to install. Make sure you stay hydrated on the road this summer with a convenient working cup holder in the cab of your Transporter.

Get your cup holder on the link here.


The Van-X arm rests are a new range of products we're very glad to be able to bring to the market. Ensure maximum comfort on your next road trip with these super easy to install arm rests. Available for a wide range of vans these are must have for daily driving and summer road trips. The door card arm rests come in a similar texture and colour to OEM door cars for the best look, fit and feel. Please note these are not universal, these are made specifically to each door card.



Available for the Transporter the Van-X wind deflectors are great to use whilst driving with the windows down or to allow some air into your camper during the warmer summer months at night. This is an original #partfromvanx and only available from Van-X, unlike other items on the market these fit inside the window channel, not on the outside which we feel gives a premium look to your van. They also come pre-attached with 3M tape for easy installation.



Another #partfromvanx developed from our own camping experiences is our awning rail which is available for a variety of vans. What makes the Van-X awning rail different to others on the market is the channel on the underside which allows you to fit LED strip lighting! This has been a very popular item this summer, a must have for all campers...



The Van-X cab divider curtains come in two different types of fabric, our standard fabric which is ideal for privacy or our black out fabric which will stop the light coming in like our black out curtains. Whether you just want some privacy in the back of your van or to completely black it out, the Van-X cab divider curtain is a great addition to any camper.



You can never have too much storage in a van and especially in the cab area, our T6 glove box not only gives your more storage but also makes the dash look much cleaner. If you like the look, you may like our comfort dash style kit to make the entire dash cleaner and give some hidden storage areas..




Sometimes we don't understand why the manufactures don't make certain products as standard. We are happy to say we have you covered though.. No more open shelf mess in your Caddy. Somewhere to hide your possessions whilst out for a day trip. The Caddy glove box cover / lid has a texture finish that looks identical to the OEM dash. It's easy to install and take a matter of minutes to fit.



The latest and perhaps greatest addition to the Van-X shop is our storage nets. OEM quality and feel, easy to fit and they create lots of convenient storage, this is a must have for any van... Take a look at the photos below to see where our customers are using the storage nets on their vans. The storage nets are available in either large or small sizes and also come as a bundle package.


We hope you all have an awesome summer of epic road trips and camping adventures! Be sure to share your photos with us of your vans and #partsfromvanx on social media

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