Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fit my bonnet bra onto the vehicle?

There are two types of bonnet bras available from Van-X and have different fitting methods. You can fit these bonnet bras onto your vehicle using the following instructions found via these links:

Full Type Bonnet Bra Instructions OR Hook Type Bonnet Bra Instructions.


What is the best technique to fitting Van-X Curtains onto the rails provided in the kit?

The best technique is to measure the top and bottom sections of your window aperture before you cut and shape the curtain rails. Once you have got your measurements, you can now cut your rails and shape them to match your windows and mark the areas where you are going to drill into the rails and your window recess.

The next step is to screw your rails onto the window and fit one end cap to one side of the rail ready for the curtains to hook through. The easiest method to hook the curtains into the rails is to slide 5 hooks at a time (starting with the hooks sliding through the top rail first). You can then carefully stretch the curtains to hook onto the bottom rail channel (once again 5 hooks at a time). This method will allow you to slide the curtains into the hook rail channels in parallel. These curtains are designed to stretch. You can now put the remaining end caps on the opposite side of the rails to prevent the curtains from sliding out.

Full Instructions on how to fit our Van-X curtains can be found by clicking on this link.


How long will my parcels take to arrive after placing an order?

Soon as an order has successfully being processed and packaged ready for dispatch, they are delivered to the specified address within 24 hours. If you have placed an order on the last working day (Friday) after 2pm, our courier will deliver your parcel the following working day (Monday).


What happens to my postage cost if I live in a surcharged area within UK?

If you live in a surcharge zone within the UK please refer to our postal surcharge guideline to ensure correct postage payment is made with your order. We recommend you to contact us immediately if you have / have not placed an order and we can amend the additional charges based on your location. For more details on postal surcharges, please follow this link.


I recently purchased a set of VW T5 Full DRL Kit but I am not sure how to fit and configure the wiring kit included, is there a set of instructions I can easily follow?

The wiring kit / loom that is provided with your DRLs have a set of wires that need connecting to your vehicle’s battery, fuse box (ignition terminal) and main headlight wire. To configure the wires for the DRL kit you can follow a full set of instructions by choosing one of these links based on which VW T5 vehicle you own:

VW T5 (2003 – 2009) Model OR VW T5.1 (2010 – 2015) Model.


How easy is it to fit the VW T5.1 Front Badgeless Grille to the vehicle?

It is very easy to fit the grille onto the vehicle. First of all, unclip your existing grille off the van and replace the part with the badgless grille. The kit also has a blanking plate piece for your front bumper. This will cover / make the bumper have a flush fit where the VW Badge originally used to sit on the on the bumper. If you do not fit this blanking plate on, yuo will notice a small groove on the bumper when fitting the badgeless kit.


Where Can I Find Fitting Instructions?

Fitting Instructions can be found packaged with certain items or by visiting this link. If there are any other queries regarding fitting instruction for products, please contact us for further assistance.


Will I Need To Get A Professional To Fit My T5 Rear LED Lights?

You do not require any professional help or assistance when fitting our rear LED lights to the vehicle. They are simply plug and play and a direct replacement by unscrewing the factory fitted lights and swapping them over.


How Long Have I Got To Return My Order If I Change My Mind?

To return an item / order, first of all you would need to contact us regarding the return. This will depend on specific terms and conditions relating to our returns policy. Please visit our terms and conditions link for more details.


Where Can I Get Tracking Info For My Order?

Track information about your order can be found via an email message sent to the registered email from our courier. We also provide mobile notifications if you have registered your mobile number saved to your account.