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Mercedes Sprinter Awning Rails Swb ,Mwb,Lwb

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Awning Rails, California-Style

For Mercedes Sprinter   SWB ,MWB,LWB

You are purchasing a BRAND NEW Awning Rail, Available for driver side or passenger side, you can choose in the above menu.

These rails are modified from the California OEM roof rails to the length of 3.30 meters.

The awning rails are specially modified to reduce the gap so you don’t need any extra parts to add on to be able to use standard awning. This can be used directly on the drive-through awning.

Our rails have been modified to have a smaller gap for the awning than the OEM rails. This is to avoid using kador.



The length of the bar is 3.30 meters long and been primed in black. It can be painted any colour you wish or left how it is. They have been manufactured to the longest length we can provide so that there is more rail to ensure it fits after you cut and shape to your vehicle.

The rails will have front and rear caps included which are specially designed to fit our rails. Our awning rails are straight and made from soft aluminium and can be shaped in many ways.

It’s a great idea for when you have a pop-top or elevation roof fitted to the vehicle. Our Rails have a rain gutter which will direct the flow of water from the roof to the rear of the vehicle.

The soft aluminium give the rail a flexible quality.

Also, another clever feature our rails have; on the bottom of the rails, there is a 10mm wide channel, in which you can fit an LED strip the entire length for nice courtesy lighting.

Product features

  • Includes a rail and end caps for the front of rear
  • Passenger or Driver side
  • Made from soft aluminium
  • Suitable for SWB & LWB
  • Rain gutter

Additional information

Passenger or Driver side



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