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For Volkswagen Crafter

You are purchasing a brand new curtain kit for the above vehicles. Our Van-X range of curtains is ideal to protect your privacy when you are in your vehicle with a luxury look and feel. These items can be used for every occasion such as camping holidays or for everyday use.

This is a premium curtain kit and is designed with double layered material for a 100% privacy and Black-out solution. The material of the curtains are specially designed for the automotive industry in case of any fire, our curtain materials will melt down and will allow passengers inside the vehicle to exit the vehicle through the window if necessary. Van-X curtains are designed to protect your privacy and safety!

We manufacture all parts and compartments for these curtain kits in our factory and have been in the industry for over ten years, selling to many partners in other countries.


Our Curtains / Blinds are different to those supplied by other suppliers on the market. The material we use is thicker and heavier. Also, it is double lined to give a total blackout effect for multipurpose use. All our curtains are machine cut and hand stitched. We produce all the parts in-house, so we will have spare parts if it’s needed.


The curtains can be washed frequently, they will not shrink and they do not need ironing. The curtain materials have hooks pre-fitted, which are melt-moulded into the curtain fabric for added strength and durability. This type of hook and fitting method means that the curtain material swivels easily on the hooks so that when closing and opening the curtains they move very smoothly. This means our hooks can turn 360 degrees and fold nice and neatly on each side avoiding creases. On the outer edge of each curtain, there are metal poppers to fix the curtain sides to the edge of the window aperture to lock the curtains to either side of the window.

Fitting & Configuration

The premium curtains come black on the outer side and your choice of Black, Grey, Blue or Burgundy on the other side. They are interchangeable/reversible, which means you can decide whether to have the black side facing in or out.

All Black/Black and Black/Burgundy Curtains are supplied with Black Rails as standard.
Black/Grey and Black/ Blue Curtains come with Grey Rails as standard.

  • The curtains will also come with a full fitting kit.
  • Fitting instructions are available on our instructions page.

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