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VW T6 Transporter Full Step Set Premium-Plus-0
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VW T6 Transporter Full Step Set Premium-Plus

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3 Piece Premium-Plus Full Step Set

For Volkswagen T6 Transporter

We are very delighted to introduce our BRAND NEW Premium-Plus Full Step Set made for VW T6 Transporter. These Premium Steps have been custom designed and manufactured by Van-X and have a 17mm deep step on the sliding door entry step. These steps have a set of new features and stock has been prepared ready for all VW T6 Transporter Owners.

The new LED light design is branded with TRANSPORTER wording. When the LED’s are lit up, the writing will illuminate in blue and the base of the steps will light up in white. These LED’s have a 12volt low power consumption and are energy efficient.

The centre insert piece is another unique part of this step set, which can allow every day vans or campers to be individual. This insert area is 10mm deep which allows you to use various wood floor, carpet lining or even non-slip flooring.


Q: What are these steps made out of?
A: They are made from ABS Injection Plastic with the exact same manufacturing like the Genuine Part.

Q: I have flooring in my camper, would these steps fit over my flooring?
A: Yes of course it will fit. These steps are specially raised to 16mm to allow them to fit most flooring.

Q: What are these inserts for?
A: These inserts are new designs to allow them to be individual so you can put your own touch to it. Most campers want their steps to be different to one another.

Q: What can I use inside these inserts?
A: You can use various materials such as wood, laminate flooring, non-slip-flooring, chequered plate or limitless carpet lining/ designs. These inserts are 10mm deep. Basically you can be creative and style it however you want these inserts to look for your van.

Q: Why do I need to buy this item?
A: Most of the day vans and transporter camper vans are being used in commercial environments or have come straight off the fleet. These will have marks due to wear and tear. After a brand new conversion has been installed to these vehicles including paint work, only these areas will show previous related marks and this is the downside for every vans that are converted to camper vans.

Q: Just seen the LED light fitted on these steps, are they for show or actually working?
A: Yes of course, They are fully working LED light unit. You just need to connect them to your door sensor or interior lights.

Q: Do I need to cut or modify my van for these steps?
A: No, there is no need for any modifications. These are direct replacement, however we supply two holes on the insert area for those who want to secure these steps permanently to the vehicle. – This is an option available purely for the owner to decide.

Product features

  • OEM Quality made by injection moulding.
  • Manufactured using Genuine Specification.
  • Made from High Quality ABS PLASTIC.
  • Unique ‘TRANSPORTER LOGO’ LED Step lights fitted into the steps, perfect interior step light for each door.
  • Centre flooring piece has been blanked out for customising the each step panel. – Making it more unique just for you.
  • You can use / fit any material, cover or design which is left entirely to you to customise. This will really make each set for each vehicle, different from the rest of the crowd.</li
  • Updated design using 17mm height because the original item was designed to sit on the van floor without flooring boards.
  • The product finish is to OEM standard and the colour will not fade, change or deform in any condition used.
  • It is very strong and durable product.
  • You will not find any differences in quality between the genuine and Van-X product.

Fitting and Configuration

  • You will receive a BRAND NEW T6 Transporter Premium-Plus Full Step Set (Set of 3) through the post.
  • Very easy and simple to fit in a matter of moments.
  • They simply fit in to the area where you have removed your old steps.
  • For extra security you can also bond them on or put 2 screws on top.
  • Customisable centre piece to suit your style!

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