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Side Curtains With Mesh for VW T4, T5, T6 Zoom

Side Curtains With Mesh for VW T4, T5, T6

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All Premium-Line Curtains are custom designed and manufactured by Van-X. Our range of curtains are ideal to protect your privacy when you are in your vehicle with a luxury look and feel. These items can be used in every occassion such as campsites or for everyday use.

 The added Mesh allows you to have your windows open with the worry of insects from entering your camper. This can be ideal when you're out and about camping or eating a meal or when the weather is hot. The Curtain and the Mesh will be on separate rails, letting the mesh sit behind the curtains as seen in the images.

This item benefits from thicker material and is completely black-out. The material of the curtains are specially designed for automotive industry in case of any fire, these curtain materials will melt down and will allow passengers inside the vehicle to safely exit. Van-X curtains are designed to protect your privacy and safety!


We manufacture all parts and compartments for these curtain kit in our factory and have been in the industry for over ten years.




Our Curtains / Blinds are different to those supplied by other suppliers on the market. The material we use is thicker and heavier. Also it is double lined to give a total black out effect for multipurpose use. All our curtains are machine cut and hand stitched. It is specially designed for use in the luxury automotive industry, and is used in coaches for their curtains and other fabric items.


Comparison to show why Van-X Rails are greater than other suppliers/competitors

Our Unique Rail


The rail is custom-designed with matching curtain hooks and is unlike the rails used by other suppliers. With our Van-X rail you have a dual channel, so the fixing screws go into one channel and the curtain hooks run along the one another. This results in a smooth and fast operation with no danger of damage to the curtains or hooks due to snagging. With a generic rail as used by other companies the screws to attach the rails goes in the centre of the rail channel, which causes the hooks to snag on the screw head, resulting in jerky operation and risking damage to the curtains and hooks themselves. Van-X Blind systems are completely silent.





Our premium curtains are fully black-out as they are double lined, which gives them an exceptional light-blocking capability as well as heat-retaining thermal properties providing good insulation.


The curtains can be washed frequently, they will not shrink and they do not need ironing. The curtains have hooks pre-fitted, which are melt-moulded into the curtain fabric for added strength and durability. This type of hook and fitting method means that the curtain material swivels easy on the hooks, so that when closing and opening the curtains they move very smoothly. It is also a very strong type of attachment, extending the longevity of the curtains. On the outer edge of each curtain, there are metal poppers to fix the curtain sides to the edge of the window aperture so no light creeps in.



Fitting & Configuration


The premium curtains come black on the outer side and your choice of Black, Grey, Blue or Burgundy on the other side. They are interchangeable / reversible, which means you can decide whether to have the black side facing in or out.

All Black/Black and Black/Burgundy Curtains are supplied with Black Rails as standard. Black/Grey and Black/ Blue Curtains come with Grey Rails as standard.


Our side and barndoor curtain kits come with flat rails for both top and bottom. Due to the very flexible aluminium rails, we supply the curtain rails longer than required so they can be cut to the correct length or can bent to customer's preference.


  • Each side curtain kit is for a single side window and contains: 2x curtain material, 2x 130cm rails, 4x endcaps, screws, 2x tiebacks.
  • The tailgate kit contains: 2x curtain material, 2x rails, 8x endcaps, screws, 2x tiebacks.
  • The curtains will also come with a full fitting kit.
  • Fitting instructions are available. - Please follow this link for Side Curtain Instructions.
  • Please follow this link for Tailgate Curtains Instructions.


As we design and manufacture the curtains ourselves, we are able to supply individual parts if required. At Van-X we work hard and pride ourselves on making sure all our customers are happy. 

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