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VW T5 Cup Holder OEM Replacement For all Transporters RHD

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Replacement Broken Cup Holder

For Volkswagen T5 Transporter Including Caravelle and California(2003 - 2009) Right-hand Drive Only

We are delighted to present our BRAND NEW Van-X ODM Modified Broken Cup Holder replacement for the VW T5 T5 Transporter Campervan Caravelle/California. We all know that it is a common issue that the T5 Cup holder will break, we have also seen so many products out there for wooden cup holders/ 3D printed cupholder/ Plastic Cup holder some plywood cup holder and more... But there is no one who has solved the original Broken Cup holder issue. So we at Van-X have studied many months and years to verify where the most common faults are on the cup holder, to come up with an idea on how to improve it.

Here we are introducing our latest upgrade/parts and accessories for all VW Transporter Campervan. This new Cup holder MOD is compatible part for all the VW T5 and Combi's etc. Another benefit on this kit, you don't have to go through the hassle of replacing the whole cup holder, just the broken part only. We doubled the strength on the material and the size of the most common broken areas. Improved and extended the flaps/cup holder wing extensions. Improving the base, and we have also edited the stainless steel new cigarette lighter to come with it. The material is identical to Volkswagen.

To replace it you need to pull the existing one and replace the spring, using the existing spring to push it back. By Purchasing Van-X Cup Holder Product Code: 7T5-CHC-142 hopefully, you will never need to buy another again.

This Cup Holder is to fit Right-Hand Drives Only.

Please note: The cigarette lighter unit provided with this cup holder is purely for charging purposes and similar power supply such as satellite navigation. If you wish to use the cigarette lighter coil you will need to use the original VW cigarette lighter holder from your old Cup holder.

Product features

  • Made from Strong ABS Plastic.
  • Made by Van-X ODM
  • Designed in the UK
  • Direct replacement
  • Long-lasting!

Fitting and Configuration

  • Fitting instructions for cup holder provided with order.
  • Included in this is the main body
  • This Cup Holder is very easy to fit, they are a direct replacement to the original. No Drilling or Screws required.


Manufacturing Code: 7T5-CHC-142

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